[mythtv-users] Problem with icons filetransfer - wrong path

Cougar mythtv at lost.data.ee
Thu May 25 14:13:59 UTC 2006


I found that when my server NFS storage is not mounted in FE, I 
don't see channel icons. It looks like server messes up with file path 

Here is what my FE reports:

2006-05-25 15:58:51.947 UIImageType::LoadImage() - Cannot find image: /media/mythstorage/icons/fi/yle_tv1.jpg

And BE gives such error messages:

2006-05-25 15:58:55.285 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
2006-05-25 15:58:55.286 adding: t42 as a client (events: 0)
2006-05-25 15:58:55.325 MainServer::HandleAnnounce FileTransfer
2006-05-25 15:58:55.326 adding: t42 as a remote file transfer
2006-05-25 15:58:55.829 RingBuf(/media/mythstorage/yle_tv1.jpg): Could not open /media/mythstorage/yle_tv1.jpg.

The right path is /media/mythstorage/icons/fi/yle_tv1.jpg

In DB there is such entry:

mysql> select icon from channel where icon like '%yle_tv1%';
| icon                                    |
| /media/mythstorage/icons/fi/yle_tv1.jpg |

What happens with "icons/fi" part in path? /media/mythstorage is storage 
path for recordings. Is it possible that BE just takes storage 
path and adds basename of icon (because of security concerns or smth)?


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