[mythtv-users] OSD LiveTV Pause counter shows always 0:01

Christian Hoenig list at hoenig.cc
Thu May 25 08:29:16 UTC 2006


After 2 years without a mythtv setup after a hardware crash I now have a new 
setup running. This is a backend (with two pvr 150) and two remote frontends.

Now my problem:
When I press pause in LiveTV the OSD pops up and shows "0:01 of 0:01" all the 
time and also the bar does not indicate anything else. If I ffwd or rwd the 
position in the stream changes, but the OSD indication does not change. 

The other backend does not show this behavior, there the osd show correct 
values when pausing liveTV. 

This is with svn from last week but appeared also with 0.19-fixed branch. Also 
using other OSD themes does not help.

Any idea on this? 

thanks in advance
take care, have fun

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