[mythtv-users] Recordings not deleting...

yan seiner yan at seiner.com
Wed May 24 22:02:45 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean wrote:

>Right.  The last error message tells you it can't delete because the 
>filesystem is full.  The more important error message is the first 
>failure of the autoexpirer--when the filesystem was not full.
>To clear up some space, you could select a couple of files to delete and 
>cp /dev/null 
>to make the file 0 bytes.  I recommend just selecting a couple of the 
>show names that it tried to expire--look for "expire" (not case 
>sensitive) in the log.
[root at tooth mythtv]# grep -i expire mythbackend.log.1
[root at tooth mythtv]#

>That will allow the autoexpirer to delete it 
>later (it won't if the file doesn't exist) while still freeing space on 
>your completely full disk.
Does that mean it never tried to autoexpire?

I have the kids' shows set to keep only 5 episodes, but was relying on 
the autoexpirer to delete some of my shows....

The kids shows roll over as expected, but the autoexpire on the other 
shows never happened.


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