[mythtv-users] transport stream tools, possibly including ProjectX

Nick Craig-Wood nick at craig-wood.com
Wed May 24 17:34:58 UTC 2006

>  Under windows, I'm using the compiled from source myself and
>  it crashes unless I specifically select PIDs 0x258,0x259 and 0x25b
>  only (incidentally I cannot see how to do this within the GUI, the
>  PES(&Sub)-ID/PID list on the right is empty and I cannot move anything
>  into the box). This is with the 1.5 Sun JVM on XP x64. Under Linux,
>  with the 1.4 Blackdown JVM I get the same result:

I run ProjectX under linux using the sun 1.5 jvm.

  java -jar ProjectX.jar

I only ever use ProjectX with the gui as I use it to to cutting too
which I haven't figured out how to do with mythtv!

I'm currently using version 0.90.3 - maybe you could try that?

What about different recordings - do they have that problem too?

>  What guide do you use for running ProjectX (particularly from the
>  command line)? I find the help spectacularly uninformative.

It is a bit cryptic!  However the default settings work well for me.
I just choose demultiplex, and PX produces output files for all the
PIDs in the stream.

>  Do you know any way of converting this .sup file to vobsub for
>  example so I can mux it into a matroska container?

You'll see in the GUI that PX can output loads of different subtitle
formats - there is hopefully one you can use!

I've managed a test DVB->DVD with subtitles using pxsup2dast.c from 


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