[mythtv-users] Screen resolution and theme

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Tue May 23 17:44:14 EDT 2006

You can change the xml files in the theme, or you can change the DPI
in your xorg.conf.  This can be done by setting the 'DisplaySize' option
in your Monitor section. From what I understand, make sure your DPI is
around 100 and then most likely your fonts will look OK.


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I try various theme, blue, GANT, MythCenter, Titivillus and only Iulius
let you read all the menu without truncating the written. Is there a way
to reduce the font size to let all menu item to be displayed entirely? I
try to reduce the "font size" in the appearance menu, but it seems not
to make a big difference... idem for small/medium/big font size.

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