[mythtv-users] Help please with Change Inputs on TV Tuner card

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Tue May 23 19:10:50 UTC 2006

I've run out of ideas, so I'm asking for help with a PVR-250 card.

Running kernel, mythtv 0.19.20060331-1, and ivtv-0.6.1,
I have a problem getting the PVR-250 to switch to Composite1.

Here are the latest two tests I have run.

 - Test 1

 - Deleted all the Capture Cards and Video Sources
 - Defined a single card - PVR-250 [MPEG:/dev/video0]
 - Defined two Video Sources - NTSC and 4DTV
 - Defined two Input Connections - Tuner1 -> NTSC, Composite1 -> 4DTV
 - After scanning the NTSC channels, I select Watch TV - Tuner1 comes up OK
 - Then pressing 'c' gives a pause, then Tuner1 continues, no switch
to Composite1

 - Test 2

 - Deleted all the Capture Cards and Video Sources
 - Defined a single card - PVR-250 [MPEG:/dev/video0] but this time
choosing Composite1
   as the default input
 - Defined one Video Source - 4DTV
 - Defined one Input Connection - Composite1 -> 4DTV
 - Started the backend and frontend and selected Watch TV - Composite1
comes up OK
 - Then I went back to mythtv-setup and defined another Video Source - NTSC,
   and another Input Connection - Tuner1 -> NTSC
 - Back to Watch TV - but this time Tuner1 came up - NOT Composite1 !!
 - Pressing 'c' had the same effect as Test 1 ...,
   a slight pause, Tuner1 continued, no switch to Composite1

This just has to be something I'm doing wrong, or something I've failed to do.
It's so frustrating because I have another system running mythtv 0.18 with a
PVR-250, and it's working just fine.

Can you see something I'm missing here?  Do you have a similar setup that's
working (0.19 and a PVR-250 with Composite1 input)?

Thanks for any ideas.


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