[mythtv-users] cardinput table - how to clear it?

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Tue May 23 18:36:16 UTC 2006

On 5/22/06, Meatwad <meatwad.get.the.honeys at gmail.com> wrote:
> Mercury Morris wrote:
> > As part of solving a problem with a PVR-250 card not switching from
> > Tuner1 to Composite1,
> > I have tried to delete all the Capture Cards.  But when I add them
> > back in, they get new entries
> > in the cardinput table - the table just grows larger.
> >
> > This is happening on 0.19 (SVN from a day in April) and ivtv-0.6.1.
> > On 0.18, mythtv-setup
> > always started with a prompt, asking if you wanted to delete all the
> > Cards.  0.19 doesn't have
> > the prompt, so I choose the option to delete all the cards on the
> > Capture Cards screen.
> >
> > My question:  Is choosing the option to delete all the cards the only
> > step necessary to start
> > fresh, or are there other steps required?
> I did that yesterday specifically to check the behavior. 'Remove all
> cards' resets the incremental counters for capturecard and cardinput tables.

Thanks.  I've been testing all day - sorry for the delay in replying.

You are correct sir!  Removing all the cards, and the video sources,
gets me back to starting from scratch.


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