[mythtv-users] Panic - help - scheduling hassle!

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Sun May 21 08:49:41 UTC 2006

On 21/05/06, Robin Gilks <g8ecj at gilks.org> wrote:
> I've got two recording sources on from my PVR-150 - either the tuner or
> the sat box via s-video.
> I scheduled a recording for a channel thats on both - on the sat box as it
> happens but decided to watch another channel live and get the program
> recorded off the tuner via the UHF transmission.
> Can't do it - bloody thing keeps re-scheduling the sat box. Why can't it
> JFDI!! I hate programs that make decisions for me - I want to record on
> channel 994 (i.e. the tuner channel), NOT 32 for crying out loud.
> Whats wrong with it - is it a Windows virus?
> The program starts in 40 minutes...

The PVR-150 only has _1_ encoder, so can either record from the tuner
OR S-Video, but not both at the same time. If you're watching Live TV
via S-Video on the card and tieing up the encoder, it can't therefore
record your scheduled program using the tuner. The behaviour applied
to the PVR-150, -250 and -350 cards - the PVR-500 has two independent
encoders, so can record on one and support LiveTV on the other (or
record something else).

If by watching 'Live' you mean watching TV outside of MythTV and you
want to use the Tuner on the PVR-150 so the sat box is still
available, you need to ensure that the channel (or input) priority for
the Tuner is higher than for the S-Video input. This way the scheduler
will choose the highest priority available recording source.
(Therefore, in the channel editor in mythtv-setup, check whether
channel 994 has a higher priority than channel 32). Restart the
backend and see if this fixes things up.


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