[mythtv-users] Portable or Exportable MythTv Environment

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> How would one go about setting up a MythTv Environment (MySQL database &
video repository) so that:
> Everything resided in a standalone disk or partition, where one could:


One idea: Run it all in a virtual machine, then pack that up and take it
with you. Use a "remote" frontend running on the physical machine for
best video performance, etc.


I thought about this and even downloaded the VMware Player to tinker with
under Linux, but not really what I want to do.

And from another reply:

This just popped into my head as I was reading this...

Use rsync to sync the recordings directory on system 1 to the USB drive.
Backup the db on system 1 and save onto said drive or whatever.
Connect USB drive to system two and restore the db. You can use rsync
again or simply mount the USB drive where MythTV would expect to find
it's recordings... say /myth/tv ;)

You may want to take a look at this:




This actually; kinda; would work.  I copied my video and the MySql directory
to the USB drive.  Changed the name of the MySql directory on the target
system and copied the MySql directory from the USB drive ( had to change the
ownership to mysql.mysql ) but after cranking up mythbackend and
mythfrontend, everything worked fine.

Your link above refers to an earlier section ( 23.5 I think ).  It might be
the best method to do this on a routine basis.

Thanks for the suggestions,


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