[mythtv-users] Recommended GeForce 5200 Cards

matt mead m-mythtv at goof.com
Fri May 19 11:45:50 UTC 2006

Carl Litt wrote:
> My question to the list is: Which vendor makes the best 5200 card?  By 
> best, I'm looking primarily for high quality SD TV-out, and secondly 
> ones with no GPU fan or a very quiet one.

If you ever have intentions of viewing HDTV using XV scaling, I would recommend 

ASUS V9520-X/TD GeForce FX 5200.


Mad Dog Multimedia Conqueror FX 5200.


Both of these have problems using the video overlay to scale at least some 
1920x1080 (1080i) content down to lower resolutions.

The Mad Dog Multimedia card I have will scale properly using the blitter, but 
it ends up with some temporal distortions on the output.


matt mead


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