[mythtv-users] Performance problem

Jonas Björklund jb at soe.se
Fri May 19 00:59:40 EDT 2006


On Thu, 18 May 2006, Raphael Pooser wrote:

>>>> I have a RS482-IL motherbord and a AMD Turion MT-34.
>>>> The motherbord has a ATI Radeon Xpress 200 built in.
>>>> I have Hauppauge bt848. Samsung Spinpoint 250GB harddisk.
>>>> I have only tried live TV and get performance problem. Every 2 seconds I
>>>> get a lag on the picture. :-(
>>>> Is my system to slow? CPU? Capture card? Harddisk?
>>> I would put the problem at none of the above, and move it on to your
>>> graphics card.
>>> At least when I first installed the drivers for my ATI card, it wasn't
>>> even using XV, causing it to eat up 60% of the processor just to watch a
>>> 640x480 stream, and with a software encoder taking about 40% to capture
>>> it, I was getting pauses exactly like the ones you're getting.  After
>>> making sure I had XV working, I got around 5% to watch a stream by
>>> itself, and closer to 50% to watch something live or watch and record at
>>> the same time.
>>> So I would give your graphics card driver a look.  Are you using fglrx?
>>> If so, make sure your vendor string for OGL reads ATI and not mesa, or
>>> XV won't be working either.
>>> I've heard that XV works perfectly when using "ati" in X, but I don't
>>> think "ati" supports the xpress 200, not 100% sure.
>>> Also, "ati" won't let you use TV out.
>>> Raphael
>> I have not bought a Nvidia FX 5200 PCI and have the same problem. :-(
> You mean you _have_ bought a 5200 right?  Judging from the xorg conf and
> log you posted it looks like you are using a 5200 and are getting the
> problem described by the OP.  My knowledge of the "nvidia" driver in X
> is very limited unfortunately, as I just installed it and it worked
> flawlessly.  However, I installed from a debian package, not the nvidia
> installer binary.  Maybe you'll have more luck if you just try
> installing from your distro's repository.  Unofotunately until I do more
> tests with "nvidia" myself my knowledge may be too limited to help.
> Raphael

I HAVE bought a 5200. :-)
I have installed the driver from my distro (Gentoo). Whats "OP"?

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