[mythtv-users] DVB-T scanning, still trying to get it to work.

David Watkins watkinshome at gmail.com
Thu May 18 11:25:42 UTC 2006

> Generally when I scan it either:
> 1) Finds the mux 489833330, the channels found therin and then stops.
> (common)
> 2) Finds lots of channels (all of them I think)

I see this too (on the Crystal Palace transmitter).  dvbscan usually
finds several multiplexes and all the channels but, about 1 time in 5,
it stops after the first multiplex.

Looking in my '/dvb-t/uk-CrystalPalace' file there was only a single
line in there.  Last week I added a second line for the mux with the
test HD signal on.  This mux never got detected otherwise.

Running in this configuration always finds the two muxes specified in
the file, but never finds any of the others.

Scanning in mythtv was straightforward for me ( done a whle ago on
version 0.18).  I entered the details for one of the multiplexes and
the single scan found the others as well.

> I had imported a channels.conf into myth and hacked the database until the
> EIT EPG worked (ish). But then I noticed I was missing BBC3 and BBC4.
> So I backed up the database and wiped the channels and transports list with
> the intent on going no further until I had fixed it.
> Right, tonight I shall find a UK channel list, perform several 'scan'
> scansand see what I see. I shall post my results next, um, Monday or Tueday.
> Thanks,
> J1M.
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