[mythtv-users] MythArchive hard-coded to use KDE 3.3 libs?

Daniel A. Segel mythtv at archer-segel.com
Wed May 17 19:05:11 UTC 2006

Paul Harrison wrote:
> Daniel A. Segel wrote:
>> I've been having constant problems with dvdauthor failing during the 
>> final build, but after I changed it to 3.4 and recompiled/reinstalled it 
>> now completes the build process*. Again, I'm not sure if/why this would 
>> make a difference since the mytharchive scripts are for the most part 
>> calling external programs, but in my case it seems to have. Of course, 
>> I've also upgraded to the most recent rev of mytharchive, so that may 
>> have done it as well although the version from yesterday did not work.
> What was the problem with yesterdays version?
The same problem I've been having all along - dvdauthor quits before the 
final build is complete. I've actually done several updates over the 
past few days, so I don't know exactly when it started working, or why, 
but today is the first time I've actually made it all the way through 
the script.


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