[mythtv-users] Tuner - static on .19

Jonathan Markevich mythtv at jonandtina.net
Wed May 17 12:33:09 UTC 2006

 >> Tuner 0 on my PVR250 only shows static. I tried different tuner types,
 >> but the one that works the best is the autodetected one, "8". I can say
 >> "best" because if I add S-Video as a source (even if not connected to
 >> anything), switch to that and back, the tuner all of a sudden works.
 >> Until I reboot or unload the ivtv driver or something.
 >> Has anyone seen anything like this? (I did notice duplicated module
 >> names in the kernel module tree, which I renamed already) Any clues
 >> what to look for?
 >When upgrading to 0.19 I had to update the channel finetune fields,
 >since apparently the interpretation of that field changed.
 >Multiplying the values with 62.5 fixed my problems.

I don't have anything in those fields... I never have used them.

Are there modules in the new ivtv that are unneccessary now?  I notice 
it loads about 6 or 7 to get tuner functions.

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