[mythtv-users] MythTV vs Tivo and DVR

Dan danspam at envy.themanium.net
Tue May 16 14:31:14 EDT 2006

On Tue, May 16, 2006 at 01:26:35PM -0500, hondaman wrote:
> It seems a lot of people are using standalone boxes these days, Tivo or 
> DVR.  Can anyone explain how these work?  Are people watching recorded 
> TV when watching live TV, such as MythTV does?  The reason I'm asking is 
> with MythTV, there is a noticeable degradation in picture quality while 
> watching live TV.  Do the Tivo/DVR people experience this same quality 
> issue?

I am a Tivo user currently (trying) to get on the Myth roll.

The digital tivos (currently just the direcTV integrated ones) are 
somewhat like a HDTV myth system in that they capture the incoming
stream directly, so no quality loss at all.

But the standalones have a quality loss, for sure.  It is noticeable
if you look closely, but it doesn't scream at me.  The quality seems to
my eye to be slightly better out of the Tivo encoders than I have seen 
on PC-based TV capture/encode systems, but I haven't done a comprehensive
survey.  With some hackery, you can change the encoding settings on the 
tivos beyond the built-in options, which also may have given the tivos an
edge in my personal comparisons.

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