[mythtv-users] mythtv SVN, and xorg w/ dual DISPLAYs (not twinview) questions

Gary Dezern gary at garyndenise.org
Tue May 16 07:53:15 EDT 2006

> Typically, one instance of the X server manages a display,
which is
> composed of one or more screens, a pointing device, and
a keyboard
> device. In a typical, single server configuration,
that display will be
> called ":0", which has an empty
hostname part to the left of the colon,
> indicating that the
server is running locally, and a "0" indicating it's
display number zero. If there's only one screen in that display, it
> be named ":0.0". A second screen, typically a
monitor connected to a
> second output of the same video device or
another video device under
> control of the same server would be
called ":0.1".

In this instance (:0.0 and :0.1) can
different users control the two different screens?  ie: user
"mythtv" controlling :0.1 which is a DFP (running the FE), and
xdm/gdm/kdm owning :0.1 which is a CRT?  This is my overall
goal.  It's annoying me that I have no physical console access to the
machine with myth's FE.  Yes, I can do Ctrl-Atl-F1 to switch away
from X to pty1, but doing so results in the FE (and X) freezing until I
switch it back.  I can also ssh into it, or run vncserver, etc. 
However, none of that solves my issue:  Software (possibly
misconfigured) is dictating how I use my hardware.

> If, on
the other hand, you have two instances of X running, each will
manage a display, one of which will be called ":0" and the other
> This is often the case when one has multiple GUI
logins and switches
> between them with Ctrl-Alt-F?. In that case,
the different X instances
> are sharing the same physical

This, obviously, would allow different users on the
different displays.  Can it be done with a single video card? 
Not sure.  Here's a quote from the HOWTO you posted below (which is a
quote from nvidia's readme):  

Graphics chips that support TwinView (Appendix G) can also be
configured to
treat each connected display device as a separate X
Sadly, I've already become confused what the different between a
"display" and a "screen."  At least, I think,
your earlier paragraph might have clarified it some.  In
localhost:x.y, the 'x' is a display, and the 'y' is a screen.  I
think.  Heh...

> That Howto is in the Gentoo Wiki, but
contains very little
> Gentoo-specific information. You probably
don't need or want Xinerama,
> so read the section about multiple

Ah, this might have been what I originally read. 
(I'm using gentoo as my distro.)  So much information.  I miss
text consoles and CLI's. 

Take care

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