[mythtv-users] coax vs. composite

John Brooks iresprite at gmail.com
Mon May 15 15:04:08 EDT 2006

> When you say "coax" I assume you are referring to an RF signal with a
> TV signal modulated onto it. I mention this because "composite" video
> is normally carried on a co-axial cable.

I  see- I may have confused terms, then, because like Greg I conceive of
composite as using RCA cable. My STB- a Motorola DCT2200- offers outputs in
both coaxial form and RCA form.

"Composite" refers to a "baseband" or "video" signal of 1 volt peak-
> to-peak (nominally) running on a coax cable. With NTSC the color is

So what is it that runs over RCA cables?

Even this summary is extremely brief, and leaves out most of the
> subject matter. You probably don't really want to know all the
> details, just use whatever looks good to you :-)

*grins* Like laws and sausage, eh? Fair enough. Part of the reason I asked
was because beyond using just what looks good, I wanted to be able to change
my recording profile to use a recording quality that would allow the most to
come through without unnecessarily inflating the size of the transcoding.

If you could clarify that one pont above, that would be really helpful!
Otherwise, thanks for all the info. :)

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