[mythtv-users] New installation, choppy video (not DMA) help request

Dan danspam at envy.themanium.net
Mon May 15 13:27:26 EDT 2006

Thanks for all the responses so far.  

> of a difference. You should be seeing at most 10% X usage (unless the
> ATI drivers really suck that much....) you are using the fglrx drivers
> and Xv is properly working right?

I am not sure on these questions.  I will check tonight.  Any canonical/
direct ways to check?  I have access to the machine via SSH now if I can 
check that way.

> > > AMD Athlon64 3200+
> > > 1G RAM
> potentially overkill?

This is the RAM that the motherboard had in it from its previous use.

> I don't know where this falls in the Radeon range, hopefully it is

it's not current generation but one or two out.  It was high end about
1-1.5 years ago.

> here. In the end, if all else fails. Spend the $30 on an FX5200...

agreed.  I am suspecting some other issues are involved, but I have 
some nvidia cards to check with as well, and will buy a fx5200 if that
will make everything run smoothly.  All of the nvidia cards I have handy
have extremely loud fans which was why I didn't try them first.

> what resolution? what deinterlace method? Do you have Extra audio
> buffering enabled?

I think that I am using 1600x1200 but am not 100% sure.  I think I tried
extra audio buffering with no help.  I believe that I have deinterlacing
turned off. 

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