[mythtv-users] Performance problem

Jonas Björklund jb at soe.se
Sun May 14 12:03:02 EDT 2006


On Sun, 14 May 2006, Raphael Pooser wrote:

> I would put the problem at none of the above, and move it on to your
> graphics card.
> At least when I first installed the drivers for my ATI card, it wasn't
> even using XV, causing it to eat up 60% of the processor just to watch a
> 640x480 stream, and with a software encoder taking about 40% to capture
> it, I was getting pauses exactly like the ones you're getting.  After
> making sure I had XV working, I got around 5% to watch a stream by
> itself, and closer to 50% to watch something live or watch and record at
> the same time.
> So I would give your graphics card driver a look.  Are you using fglrx?
> If so, make sure your vendor string for OGL reads ATI and not mesa, or
> XV won't be working either.
> I've heard that XV works perfectly when using "ati" in X, but I don't
> think "ati" supports the xpress 200, not 100% sure.
> Also, "ati" won't let you use TV out.
> Raphael

Thanks for you reply.
How do I check that my vendor string reads ATI?

Section "Device"
Identifier "i915"
Driver "i810"
VendorName "i915"
BoardName "i915"
Option "NoAccel" "false"
Option "DRI" "true"

Section "Device"
Identifier "ATI"
Driver "fglrx"
Option "mtrr" "off"
Option "OpenGLOverlay" "off"
Option "no_accel" "no"
Option "no_dri" "no"

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