[mythtv-users] time for a new graphics card

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun May 14 01:12:06 EDT 2006

> Not to resurrect an old thread or anything but damn, the nvidia driver
> works amazingly well in linux.
> After installing the driver I just used nvidia's own utility to
> autoconfigure xorg.conf.
> I didn't have to do any editing of xorg.conf whatsoever after installing
> the driver.  Merely install, plug svideo out to TV, turn on computer,
> and watch  it work.

What utility is that? What's the filename called? I've been having a
devil of a job getting any output to a TV screen on the 8756 version
of the drivers. X is up and running but it won't for the life of it
output to the TV over S-Video, so if there's a nvidia utility that
creates an xorg.conf I'd love to give that a go.


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