[mythtv-users] Transcoding using the SVN build now results in a Green Squiggly Mess

Lachlan McIntosh lachlan at directions.com.au
Sat May 13 18:38:37 EDT 2006



As is my custom, every month or so (when time allows) I upgrade my myth
box to the latest SVN build.


I have noticed that when I did this a week ago. transcoding results in
an unwatchable file. 


It plays but the picture is unwatchable, it looks like you had an older
monitor and tried to connect it up 
to a graphics card in a mode that the monitor couldn't sync to. (Back in
the days before monitors would go black or tell you it couldn't sync to
the signal)


As I said in the subject it looks like a green squiggly mess.


Now assuming that this isn't an intentional feature, and that it
actually works for the developer/s who did the changes, there must be
something (else) out of date on my box.


I was hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right


My box runs on:  Linux mythtv 2.6.9-chw-4 #4 SMP Sun May 15 17:02:15 EST
2005 i686 GNU/Linux

I'm recording DVB-T from a Nova-T card.

Playing the original recordings works.

Sound in the "green" transcoded files work.

I have upgraded to SVN again, and it is still the same.

I have also noticed that trying to use the information screens causes
the backend to segfault.



It there something amiss with my setup or should I be logging a bug (I
would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction on how to
log a bug if I need to....)








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