[mythtv-users] An idea for importing video from removable media

Stephen Atkins stephen.atkins at gmail.com
Thu May 11 12:24:11 EDT 2006

A friend of mine and I often will burn a tv show to cd/dvd with the nuv
export information.  He's still running version 18 of MythTV and I'm running
19 so importing the video doesn't work.  Not a big deal as its fairly easy
to watch in myth video.  My idea is to make another plugin for myth that we
could get to read some removable media (either cd/dvd/usb stick/ipod) and if
a specific file is found (some sort of xml file something like an RSS feed
xml) it would create a menu of the media titles.  From there you could watch
the show, listen to the music that sort of thing.  What would make it even
better is the ability to use nuv export to create the xml file.

I'm currently looking at doing this by modifying the MythNews plugin as its
probably the closest thing to it and it should give me a chance to learn how
to interact with myth.  If any one is interested in helping that would be
great.  Either respond here or ICQ me at 11782200.  I haven't really started
this project yet as I'm still in the planning stages so any input is good.

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