[mythtv-users] ANNOUNCE: mythalsig v2.3 (Icon/Logo grabber)

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Wed May 10 19:50:28 EDT 2006

Okay guys. A small update features wise, but lots of cleanup, and an evil 
little bug >:-(. Find it at:


And just to reiterate:
If you've used the program, feel free to send me your ${region}.pklz files. 
Part of the idea of generating these was so that I could re-distribute them. 
This will save new users time, as they won't have to go through hundreds of 

Send them to steve at ${host in URL above, minus 'www.'} (Let's see a spam 
harvester strip that one :-P ) Start your message subject with [PKLZ] and my 
filters will not send your message through my spam checker.


### 2.3 - 20060510 ###
* [C] Caught a nasty little bug which stuffed up the icon name. I was using 
the entry from the DB when constructing the local_file. If you had empty icon
entries the local_file actually pointed to the folder. Lack of testing on my
part I guess :-/

* [SB] Formatting and start of refactoring after running code through pylint.
Before: 3.11/10, After: 8.38/10. For anyone with nothing better to do I'm
including the before and after pylint reports to give you some idea.

* [SB] Added a simple option (-e, --erase) to remove old icon entries from
database. Be warned it is not restricted to specified channels or sourceid's.
I added it after seeing the problem [C] was having.

Steve Boddy

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