[mythtv-users] ANNOUNCE: mythalsig v2.2 (Icon grabber)

Steven Adeff adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed May 10 16:18:41 EDT 2006

On 5/10/06, Stephen Boddy <stephen.boddy at btinternet.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 10 May 2006 06:32, Osma Ahvenlampi wrote:
> > On ke, 2006-05-10 at 03:35 +0100, Stephen Boddy wrote:
> > > When this is done the name will change to MythTV Automatic Web Icon
> > > Grabber, or mythawig, unless someone comes up with a better unique and
> > > shortish name.
> >
> > Heh. How about mythautoicon? :)
> Irony: The guy whose name surname looks like a selection of Scrabble tiles
> comes up with a short, clear and concise name! ;-)
> I work in telecoms, and it's just no fun if I can't obfusicate a conversation
> and bamboozle people with a bunch of incomprehensible acronyms. :-(
> New name (barring last minute entries, or protests): mythautoicon

why do I need an icon to double click?

how about mythauto*logo*? though I really think "channel" should be in
there, it's getting to long. MythACLG? AutoChannelLogoGrabber?

I dunno...

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