[mythtv-users] nvidia woes with Fedora 4

Jack lastname curruscanis at hotmail.com
Wed May 10 15:03:41 EDT 2006

Hello all, I have successfully built several Myth boxes using the current 
hardware that I am using however I decided this time to use Fedora Core 4, 
and upgrade to Myth .19

Basicly my hardware consists of a PVR-350, and a nvidia MX4000, I am using 
the MX4000 svideo out to my TV for display as well as a temporary VGA 

I built an entirely new system ( using larger hard drives ) and have a fresh 
install of Fedora core 4.  I am using Jarods guide for the myth install as I 
usually have done.  However, with my nvidia card I can not get the 6767 
driver through yum, and if I download it it will not compile.  I have tried 
various other driver version and only the newest one with compile.  But that 
is not the worst of my problems... As I stated I am using the svideo out on 
the card and I am then converting that to RCA to go the TV.  However, upon 
doing this I get the following results depending on the Xorg.conf.

If I set the Xorg.conf video out to SVIDEO I get black and white display 
only ( this is expected given the converter )
If I set the Xorg.conf video out to COMPOSITE the way my old Xorg.conf file 
was in FC-3 then I get nothing. No video on the TV at all.

I have tried booting the system with and without the VGA monitor attached. - 
no change
I have the Xorg.conf file set to clone, and have removed all info reguarding 
the VGA and disconnected it. - also no change.

so... What can I do, I do get color displayed on the TV until the nvidia 
driver takes over.  Then it goes black and white.  Once again I have used 
the same setting from my FC-3 Xorg.conf file that works fine if if I drop in 
my old hard drive with the exact same hardware, so it would seem that the 
nvidea driver with FC-4 does not seem to work on my system.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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