[mythtv-users] FC 5 compile error linking lib XV

Dylan R. Semler dsemler at macalester.edu
Wed May 10 00:29:39 EDT 2006

scott wrote:

>This should be a simple question.
>What do i need to resolve this compile/ld error?
>/usr/bin/ld cannot find -lXv
>Am I missing a -devel library?
To compile in FC5, I've found that I need the packages listed under 
Install Packages listed here:
plus libXvMC-devel


gcc-c++ freetype-devel lame-devel qt-devel mysql-devel lirc-lib-devel subversion mesa-libGLU-devel libXv-devel libXxf86vm-devel libXmu-devel libXvMC-devel

note:  this is assumed one has installed mythtv-suite from atrpms, recieved all of the dependencies associated with that, and then uninstalled the 32 myth packages (yum remove \*myth\*)


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