[mythtv-users] mythmusic... a new visualization

Seth Art sethsec at gmail.com
Tue May 9 23:19:02 EDT 2006

That sounds great!  Looking forward to seeing it in action.


On 5/9/06, Gary Dezern <gary at garyndenise.org> wrote:
> I'm adding a new visualization to mythmusic:  SlideShow.
> It simply assumes that mythgallery is installed, and steals the 'slide
> show delay' value and the image path.. and creates a slide show using
> those values.  (The directory is searched recursively.)
> It's not done.  It's not even near done (it's about 50% done...)  I'll
> post it HERE as a patch against 19-fixes.  There's not much sense in me
> posting this as a patch to be checked into svn, as it appears that
> mythmusic will be re-written in the trunk.
> Support will be mostly non-existent (I have a full-time job, two
> children, and a wife.. and I insist on at least 4 hours sleep a night.)
> This was is only something I'm doing in return for my wife letting me
> 'borrow' one of her credit cards to upgrade a CPU to dual core.
> (Funny.. I pay her credit card bills...)
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