[mythtv-users] NUV to DVD, at last!

Donn Lee sharky at gmail.com
Tue May 9 17:05:36 EDT 2006

I just want to report that I have refined my HD2DVD process such that
it is completely GUI-less. This allows me to cron all my HD to DVD

I easily spent over 12 hours researching, testing, and troubleshooting
projectx and ffmpeg to do this. After getting no where for hours, I
found one gem of information inside a mytharchive script. Thank you
mytharchive/mythburn :)

A final issue was resolved with a search on this list (projectx not
demuxing hd correctly).

I have documented my process on my blog. Hopefully this info will save
others all the hours I burned.


On 5/4/06, Donn Lee <sharky at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks to the bits of info from this fine list and articles I googled
> on the web, and after much trial and error, I finally have a recipe
> for NUV/ATSC--->DVD that works reliably for me.
> I've documented my recipe as a HOWTO in my blog
> (http://mymythtv.blogspot.com). Maybe it will be helpful to others.  I
> know that several helpful folks have posted their recipes and I have
> learned from each of them.  There were some "learnings" that I
> encountered that I did not see elsewhere and I tried to document this
> issues and solutions.
> Quick synopsis:
> The biggest problem I had was audio/lip sync. This is fixed with
> ProjectX. ProjectX took me a while to get installed & running and I
> documented it on my blog. I have spent hours (days?) trying various
> tools to 'fix' the hdtv .nuv mpeg files, and so far only projectx does
> the corrections automagically. Awesome tool.
> PX demuxes & creates two files (from the nuv/atsc hidef files created
> by MythTV): One for video, one for audio. This presented a new
> problem, what tool(s) to use to convert the video file to the DVD
> standard. After much reading, I settled on avidemux2. The next problem
> was that I needed to run avidemux2 on my fast P4 server (because
> encoding takes a lot of cpu), but my fast server is my myth frontend
> and that has a plasma monitor. The plasma monitor does not support the
> high resolutions that PC monitors have, and this is important because
> when you load a HD file in avidemux the window is sometimes so large
> that you can't see all of the controls/buttons! So, I ran avidemux
> remotely via X11 over ssh. To get around a weird error with GTK (used
> by avidemux), I hunted and learned that I needed to run ssh with the
> "-Y" switch. sheesh.
> Back to video: Following one of the many guides on avidemux, I
> converted the hdtv mpg video to dvd format. You can also edit out
> commercials in this tool. Then I used mplex to mux the dvd format
> video with the ac3 audio file created by projectx. This .mpg file is
> ready for dvdauthor, and after that it's showtime..
> I really wanted to use other recipes I saw, but was forced to use
> projectx due to the typical glitches that will be in most atsc/hdtv
> recordings. If anyone has suggestions on optimizing my steps, please
> post.
> I'm now able to free up disk space on my mythtv backend by archiving
> (compressing) to DVD. Audio sync is perfect and video quality is very
> good for the archiving I need. Thanks to the discussions here, I would
> not have been inspired to climb this mountain.
> I have not tried avidemux in command line mode and would be very
> interested if anyone here does this.
> Donn Lee

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