[mythtv-users] PVR-350 vs PVR-150 without intending to use the tv-out

Jonathan Rogers jonner at teegra.net
Tue May 9 14:43:44 EDT 2006

David Schmidt wrote:
> Definitely trade-offs for each, depending on what is important to you.
> Pro 350/Con 150:
> -  You have the TV-Out if configurations change and you decide you do want it.
> -  (For you) It's cheaper.
> -  You get remote/sensor AND radio.  For 150, depending on
> MCE/non-MCE, you choose to have remote/no radio or radio/no remote.
> -  350 has marginally better driver support as of today.
> Con 350/Pro 150:
> -  Will almost certainly have better driver support in the future.
> -  Will use less power/run cooler.

Having a 150 and a 350 in the same box, connected to the same cable
service, I've observed that the 350 seems to produce less noticeable
artifacts in the encoding at the same bitrate, at least on noisier or
weaker channels. If it produces more heat, that may be because it has a
more powerful processor.

The Svideo quality of the 350 is also very good and will probably exceed
that of a typical video card's Svideo. My system started out with a
Radeon 8500 card and a PVR-150. Moving to the PVR-350's Svideo improved
the quality noticeably, even on an old TV. Seeking in the video looks a
little funky on the 350, as some have complained about, but the playback
itself is flawless.

Jonathan Rogers

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