[mythtv-users] remove dvd drive

Daniel A Segel mythtv at archer-segel.com
Tue May 9 10:39:51 EDT 2006

Dylan R. Semler wrote:
> I've got my master backend server hooked up to a tv, however the backend 
> doesn't have a dvd drive.  Is there any way to use a remote dvd drive to 
> watch movies on the tv--either through myth or by mounting /dev/dvd or 
> the mountpoint via NFS?  I've tried the nfs and I kept getting 
> permission denied.
> If anyone has some ideas, let me know.

I use the combination of dvdbackup (to copy the DVD to a hard drive) and 
mkisofs (to make an iso file out of the directory created by dvdbackup) 
and then play the files (mounted via NFS ) with xine, as mentioned in 
another recent thread. This works perfectly for about 98% of the DVDs I 
need to watch this way. There are some that use a different form of copy 
protection that dvdbackup can't handle, but dvddecrypt (running under 
Wine) can.


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