[mythtv-users] A terrifying patent sparks a new idea

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Mon May 8 17:28:40 EDT 2006

I've had a crazy week.  (I'll describe this later)  But it has caused
me to have a lot of off the wall thoughts.  I am (believe it or not)
only posting a select few of them here.

This weekend I decided I was in the market for a video camera.  While
researching I stumbled on this article: (Specifically the part about
"The advert enforcer")

I found that terrifying.  But it made me think. "Right now, I'd love
to be able to search my DVR for Sony, Phillips, JVC, and Sharp
commercials."  (Well, thanks to Memory Stick I can pretty much count
out any Sony products.  I MAY consider a Sony video camera, since I
don't expect to use the still camera in it, but I was considering
recording directly to SD or CF.)

It's funny to think that if marketers would give up there radical
enforcement tactics that the consumer may actually begin "shopping" on
their television.  I have certain things that I am interested and
others I am not.  I like the Capital One commercials, but no amount of
advertising will ever make me open additional credit cards.  I'm not
interested in Tampax Pearl Tampons.  However, my wife thinks they're
the greatest find in years, and she found them via commercial.

I'm not sure what all this means, but I just think that marketers and
broadcasters fearing HomeBrew DVRs and DRM free content is pretty
silly.  Marketers are supposed to be trying to sell products that I
want.  I work hard for my money.  I want to buy cool stuff with it. 
I'm not going to start burying it in a materess because I fast forward
through commercials.  It's a changing market.  But its not a leaving
market.  Embrace the change and learn from it.  Don't fight it.  And
the broadcasters need to realize that I watch twice as much TV now
that I have a DVR.  I have and HD TV and HD Digital cable, but I don't
use it cause I don't have a DVR solution for it.  The only HD stuff I
watch is that which I download.  And then the commercials are always
conveniently removed permanently.


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