[mythtv-users] an idea: canned recording options

Gary Dezern gary at garyndenise.org
Sun May 7 09:46:23 EDT 2006

I'd like to toss an idea out to this list to get the thoughts of other 
users before I post elsewhere about it...

This morning, my wife was trying to set a show to record every time it 
comes on (new episodes only.)  For something like this, she loves tivo, 
as its simple and easy.  With MythTV, she encountered a few layers of 
options and got frustrated.  I sat with her and showed her how all those 
option actually allow her more control, but she had a point when she 
said that there were too many options for a simple configuration.

I doubt anyone wants all the configuration options to disappear.  I 
_like_ being able to control the recording options to such a fine 
degree.  However, for others, it's a distraction and makes things 
complex.  So, here's an idea for a middle ground:

A person can set up certain recording options, and save them as a 
"preset."  For example, I might set up a recording option preset for 
"all new episodes."  This preset would specify that all shows with a 
given title are recorded on 'this' channel, duplicates found based on 
subtitle and description, only record if not previously shown, etc.   I 
then save these options with a label of "all new episodes"...

Then, the next time my wife goes to record something, the initial 
recording options menu lists only the presets, and an additional option 
"advanced options."  The 'advanced options' would show the recording 
options as they are now.

I suspect something like this would improve MythTV's WAF, without taking 
away any of the power that we don't want to lose.



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