[mythtv-users] Slow to start playing?

Ronald Pijnacker pijnacker at dse.nl
Fri May 5 08:13:03 EDT 2006

> On 4/27/06, Michael Tiller <michael.tiller at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I upgraded to 0.19 and it seems like Myth is very slow to start playing a
> > show.  Once I select it in the recorded programs list, it can take like 10
> > seconds to start playing.  Is it just me?  I haven't upgraded to 0.19-fixes
> > yet so perhaps it has been addressed there?  (is 0.19-fixes stable?).
> >
> No it's not just you. I get the same with mythtv-0.19-126 from atrpms,
> which I think is fixes as of a couple of weeks ago. But I think it was
> the same with 0.18. It seemed to get noticably slower when I moved the
> recordings directory from a PATA ext3 disk to a SATA jfs disk, which
> was exactly not what I was expecting.

For me, 0.18 was considerably better than 0.19. With 0.19 I regularly
even have to start the show twice or more because it has not started
within a certain time, after which I get back to the recordings screen.
I never had that before.



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