[mythtv-users] OT - MX4000 to FX5200

glen martin lists at locutory.org
Wed May 3 20:45:38 EDT 2006

I once had an NVidia chipset that didn't recognize SVideo very
reliably.  So ... sorry to have to ask obvious questions. :)

Did you try forcing SVIDEO out?
  Option      "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"

Did you logverbose and see what Xorg said? Eg:
  startx -- -logverbose 5

Did you try booting with only the TV connected (no VGA)?


Brad Fuller wrote:
> A bit off topic, but I'm sure people here know what I can do.
> I've been using an MX4000 but I just switched it out and replaced it 
> with a FX5200.
> Strange that I no longer have S-Video out. Even at bootup no output to 
> the TV (S-Video).
> Why would that be?
> I also found that a new default xorg.conf replaced my custom on. I can 
> only assume that is some standard default for FC4 (when it finds a new 
> card a default xorg.conf is placed.)
> I replaced my old xorg.conf (that works fine with the MX4000) and the 
> FX5200 booted ok. But, no S-Video out at bootup nor after x starts.
> Any ideas?
> brad
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