[mythtv-users] Libdts killed ac3 passthough - can't seem to get it back

Steve Skarda steveskarda at gmail.com
Thu May 4 00:31:14 UTC 2006


Thanks for your replies!   Just prior to reading your post, I got it
working.  Not sure exactly what made it work but here are my steps for
anyone else that stumbles across this thread.

1).  Uninstalled libdts
2).  Recompiled myth
Still didn't work. [Strangley, DTS passthrough option is still in myth
despite .configure stating that it was not being compiled in]
3).  Copied .asoundrc from digital sound howto.
4).  Changed myth source to ALSA:digital
Didn't work.  Myth didn't recognize "Alsa:digital"
5).  Reboot
Still didn't work.  Myth didn't recognize "Alsa:digital"
6).  Changed Myth back to Alsa:spdif
Happiness!  Now, I just need to wire up my 5.1 speakers to take advantage of
this fix.

I bet someone can look at these steps and have some pretty good idea on what
happened.  I can't but I am happy it is working.  btw- I am 95% positive it
was more than the reboot.

When I have some courage again, I'll reinstall libdts, recompile myth and
follow these same steps.  I can only guess that Ubuntu's installation of
libdts did something to Alsa and putting .asoundrc.conf back in my home
directoy set it back to normal?

Oh, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit this but I realized that the option
for A/V sync on my receiver was set to ON which I learned inserts a delay in
audio (theoretically audio is typically in front of video I guess).   My A/V
sync is still not perfect but turning that option off makes it unnoticeable
to any normal viewer (other then me since I am hypersensitive to it after
troubleshooting this for several months).
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