[mythtv-users] Semi-OT NFS mounted directory does not show NFS mounted directory inside it

Disconnect mythtv at gotontheinter.net
Wed May 3 13:37:07 UTC 2006

Man exports:

       nohide This option is based on the option of the same name provided 
in IRIX NFS.  Normally, if a server exports two filesystems one of which is 
mounted on the other, then the client will have to mount both filesystems 
explicitly to get access to them.  If it just mounts the parent, it will see 
an empty directory at the place where the other filesystem is mounted.  That 
filesystem is "hidden".

              Setting the nohide option on a filesystem causes it not to be 
hidden, and an appropriately authorised client will be able to move from the 
parent to that filesystem without noticing the change.

              However, some NFS clients do not cope well with this situation 
as, for instance, it is then possible for two files in the one apparent 
filesystem to have the same inode number.

              The nohide option is currently only effective on single host 
exports.  It does not work reliably with netgroup, subnet, or wildcard 

              This option can be very useful in some situations, but it 
should be used with due care, and only after confirming that the client 
system copes with the situation effectively.

              The option can be explicitly disabled with hide.

> > Has anyone tried the following?
> >
> > p1 = primary
> > f1 = secondary
> > p2 = third
> >
> > export a directory on p1 and mount it on f1.
> >
> > make a directory inside the exported directory on p1 and then mount a
> > directory on p2 to that newly created directory.
> >
> > Try to access the data that was mounted off of p2, on p1.
> >
> > Currently I see an empty directory on p1.
> >
> > This seems really odd and silly that the data wouldn't be acessible.

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