[mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase throughed shared internet connection

Francesco Peeters francesco at fampeeters.com
Wed May 3 05:53:55 UTC 2006

Brian Wood schreef:
> On May 2, 2006, at 3:24 PM, Francesco Peeters wrote:
>>Mike Harrison schreef:
>>>I recently helped a friend setup myth on a fresh ubuntu breezy  
>>>We set the whole thing up at my place because he doesn't have a
>>>broadband connection. When he left my place everything was working
>>>perfectly. He has since told me that when he got home and tried to  
>>>mythfilldatabase to connect to zap2it, the connection timed out.
>>>His setup at home is he has dial-up connection on a windows box. He
>>>connects to the windows machine through a wired router from his  
>>>myth box
>>>using internet connection sharing. He has made sure that he has an
>>>internet connection before trying to run mythfilldatabase. He can  
>>>the windows machine. He can connect to websites.
>>>What could be causing mythfilldatabase to timeout while connecting to
>>Last time I looked, the Shared Internet Connection stuff only  
>>worked for
>>Windows boxes, as it required installation of a kind of proxy client.
>>The only exception to that was web access (port 80 and 443) from proxy
>>capable browsers...
>>I'm not sure whether that is still valid for the current version,  
>>but it
>>might be something to look at... (Does the zap2it client code allow  
>>a proxy to be defined?)
> I would think that a better setup would be for the Linux(Myth)  
> machine to make the dialup connection, then the Windows box could  
> connect through that.
> You could have a better firewall setup without having to run Windows  
> F/W stuff, and everything should be transparent to the Windows machine.
> Since you are likely to want the Myth machine running more of the  
> time than the Windows one, this would make sense, otherwise you'd  
> need to run the Windows machine just to let Myth have net access  
> (which you want for more than filling the database, news, weather,  
> IMDB, mythbrowser sites, NTP and others I can't think of right now.

Assuming that:
1) There is no very specific reason the Windoze machine does the dial up 
(stuff like banking software etc. can be picky)
2) The Myth machine has enough oomph to handle the tiny bit of extra load
3) The dialup is accessible from the myth machine location,

That would definately be the better solution. Even better would be a 
small dialup router/firewall dedicated for that purpose, Many vendors 
have one. I for instance have both a Symplex ISDN router and a SonicWALL 
Tele3I (Telecommuter Firewall with ISDN dial-up capabilities) which both 
do what they need to do better (and using less power) than any computer 
setup I made myself...

Maybe scouring eBay can help there!  ;-)

Good luck!

Francesco Peeters
      Via Epia V8000 - 256MB RAM - 160GB Maxtor - PVR-250 - NVidia MX440

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