[mythtv-users] First build - Looking for CPU recommendations

Chris gchris at bellsouth.net
Wed May 3 03:22:03 UTC 2006

> Joy of building a new machine, priceless. For everything else there is NewEgg.
> The MB has Nvidia 6150 on board, with VGA, DVI and Component out. It also has Intel HD Audio, Gigabit ethernet, USB2, Firewire.
> XvMC is still not working with 6150, but the the cpu seems to be able to handle HDTV without it. And nvidia will eventually come through.
> Everything works except network card stops working intermittently. I'm using forcedeth driver which is not stable yet, but in time... For now I have put $10 Linksys card in that does the job.
Right, when you get everything working you'll have a frontend.  Now what 
are you going to use that has enough slots to be a backend?

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