[mythtv-users] Legality of selling MythTV and its Components?

Disconnect mythtv at gotontheinter.net
Tue May 2 21:40:14 UTC 2006

On Tue, 02 May 2006, Anthony Vito did have cause to say:

> It's not a tricky question at all. You can't sell mythboxen in the US
> without violating the license. End of discussion. Negotiate a license
> before you start to plan you business. It's going to be in the 7
> figure range, good luck!

You can't sell CONFIGURED mythtv boxes. So firstboot (or whatever) needs to 
prompt for zap2it account info and/or not use it. That doesn't stop the 
distribution/sale of mythtv boxes.

> I'm shocked they allow zap2it to distribute TV listings at all. They
> are already crushing/cripling TiVo right out of business. Lets not

Lets not get confused here - the mythtv issue is about guide data, the 
issues tivo has had are generally about actual shows and other content. 
(Unfortunately, free or not, myth lives or dies in the US based on how tivo 
does on that front..) 

And with EPG, HD-OTA boxes can do without guide data entirely (ok, thats a 
lie, EPG sucks, at least where I am. But still.. its possible.)

Sorry, but I'm afraid your issue is an overreaction. HE cannot redistribute 
or sell the zap2it guide data. That doesn't prevent him selling a box 
without it and saying "you need to go work something out here to get the 
guide data".

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