[mythtv-users] Controlling Input Used for Recordings

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Tue May 2 13:18:30 UTC 2006

> Let's hope Jarod's book is available to download soon ...here's the
> general gist of how to accomplish this:
> Your TV tuner/hardware capture/DVB card has more than one type of
> input (i.e. analogue tuner, digital tuner, S-Video, composite video).
> If the card is correctly setup under Linux (not just MythTV) then
> those inputs should be available via the video4linux driver. Those
> inputs are then also available in mythtvsetup in the Input Connections
> window/screen once you have added the capture card in the Capture
> Cards screen. It may list items such as Tuner, Composite0, S-Video0
> etc.
> Each input (not card) that you want to use in MythTV requires a video
> source associated with it. A video source is the group of channels
> that the input can receive/tune (which also require listings). for
> example, an analogue tuner in the UK may have 5 channels in its
> lineup, whereas a digital (DVB-T) tuner may have more than 40. Using
> S-Video to record from a cable/satellite receiver may have more than
> 100 channels.
> Once you have defined the video sources you want the card to handle
> (e.g. a tuner-based source of a few channels, and a composite
> video-based source channels receiver from your cable box) you then
> assign the video sources to the correct inputs in the Input
> Connections screen.
> To enable MythTV's scheduler to handle channels which are available on
> both inputs, you would configure the channels (using the Channel
> Editor) to have the same CALLSIGN and NAME (and probably also channel
> number).
> You can assign priorities to cards _and_ channels which will allow the
> scheduler to record from your preferred source. Note however that
> there is not an easy way to choose which source to record from
> 'on-the-fly'.
OK, there seems to be some confusion (some of it on my part) about
what I have setup and what I am trying to accomplish.  This is
probably due to a) my lack of knowledge on the subject, and b) the
lack of details in my original post.

I have been working on these inputs in stages.  First I setup the
analog (RF) input on my PVR-150 card.  For this I am using a regular
Comcast lineup from Zap2it for getting program information.  Next, I
configured the output from a digital cable box feeding the composite
input on the PVR-150.   I setup a second lineup under my Zap2it
account for Comcast Digital Cable.  In this lineup I eliminated
(un-checked) all the channels that I can already tune on the RF input.
 This works fine for me because I only want to use the cable box to
record encrypted channels that I have no other way to tune.  After I
had these inputs configured and working I purchased the HD-3000 card. 
I am using another direct cable feed to connect to this card.  My
first task with this card was to get the available HD channels tuned. 
With the help of information from the MythTV Wiki, and related links,
I had about a dozed channels tuned without too much difficulty.  In
order to get the program information for these channels I setup a
second Zap2it account.  At this point I was still OK because there
were no overlaps between the three inputs.  But I knew (hoped) based
on various information that I should be able to tune more channels on
the HD-3000 card.  With the help of this list I found about another 20
channels that I could tune on the card.  This is where my problem lies
because these channels DO overlap channels that I am receiving on the
PVR-150 RF (analog) input.

I got these channels into MythTV by importing a channels.conf file.  I
left the auto-generated channel numbers alone, but populated the
Callsign, XMLTVID, and in some cases the ICON fields.  After doing
this I ran "mythfilldatabase".  Then when I went back into the
front-end I could see both the analog and digital channels as separate
entries in the Programming Guide.  I thought I was good to go, but
when I setup a recording on one of the digital channels that I can get
from the HD-3000 card it actually ended up being recorded on analog
input of the PVR-150.  Hence my question.

If I am understanding some of the responses if I change the CALLSIGN
field to something different I may be OK.  The reason I changed this
field in the first place was that I thought it was needed for the
guide information to be populated.  Is this done strictly by the
XMLTVID?  I don't care about letting MythTV scheduler handle the
inputs.  At this point at least, I would rather have control over the

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