[mythtv-users] What Haupage PVR-x50 to get?

NINjak ninjak at ss-nl.com
Tue May 2 10:48:44 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I need some help to fix things or some info to get the right Haupage card.

I was building and installing my first mythTV setup and I used an Pinnacle
PCTV (saa7134 chipset) tv card. The Pinnacle card refused to work but
after a while, finaly it did. Well "worked" is a big word because I only
saw one channel (BBC) but I was not able to zap through the other(?)
channels. To get the channels tuned is kinda hard or the card is/was not
working correctly. Before I got the BBC channel (with mythTV) I try'd some
other settings with tvtime but, at that time, that did not help me much
(did lot's of lsmod, rmmod and modprobe to get/find the right card

To test some things differently I took an other HD and installed w*nd*ws
on that setup to see if the card/drivers where working correctly (maybe
the pinnacle card got some problems with linux). In w*nd*ws the card is
reporting an (irq) error and did not (yet) work at all while with mythTV I
could see at least 1 channel ;) I will try some other things to solve the
IRQ problem and maybe then the card will respond in linux better than just
that one BBC channel.

- Are there people on this list got/had the same problems with the
Pinnacle or other brand, with the SAA7134 chipset, TV-card ?
- Can it be fixed ?
- If I take an Haupage PVR-x50 card, and leave the SAA7134 card for what
it is, wich one should I get ? and does the MCE versions work correctly
with linux ?

I was thinking to get an Haugpage PVR-150 (with remote, so no MCE version)
but I could not see if that's the best choice. I wont be needing a second
one or a PVR-500 because when all works well I will also be using a DVB-S
in the near future. If someone got some nice info what DVB-S to get i
would be very happy.

To give you some extra info:
I live in the Netherlands (europe), was using the latest kernel (kernel,
did see the tv-card correctly), AMD XP2600+, VIA KT400a chipset, 512Mb,
Nvidia GF4 and a SB Live (onboard, sounds bad).

Thanks in advance....



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