[mythtv-users] MORE INFO Re: Many keyboard commands don't work

Mike Angstadt daenris at gmail.com
Mon May 1 15:28:31 UTC 2006

> 1. Closed caption is not displaying.  I'm using a PVR 250, and the OSD
> now (finally) shows "cc/txt enabled" when I press "T" twice, but no
> closed caption appears.  (It doesn't seem to support any closed
> caption mode options.  I know on my other TVs, only CC1 works.  Hope
> that's what it is trying to capture.)

You mentioned that CC isn't supported by the PVR150, can someone else
confirm this?  I'm just wondering because I recently put in a PVR150MCE and
got my MythTV backend/frontends setup and while I was going through checking
all the keyboard commands, I turned CC on and it appears to work fine with
my card.

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