[mythtv-users] Many keyboard commands don't work (problem 1 of 2)

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Mon May 1 14:07:21 UTC 2006

Rich Kadel wrote:
> Problem 2 of 2 is resolved (thanks to Brian).  My remote works as well
> as the keyboard (which is not saying much).  Still left with the
> problem that most of the keyboard/remote commands are non-responsive. 
> Still cannot channel up/down or volume up/down, or change channel to
> 2-digit channels (as soon as I press a number, it changes to the
> channel of that single digit number, so 27 takes me to channel 2 and
> then channel 7).
> Still cannot toggle on closed captioning either.
> Thanks,
> Rich
It sounds like you don't have the correct mapping for the keys in the 
MythTV lircrc file. When you run irw, does it show the right keys when 
you press all the buttons on the remote? If so, it's a mapping problem, 
if not, then you have a lircd.conf problem.


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