[mythtv-users] How do I: Exact copy of one Xbox FE to another Xbox?

A JM vbtalent at gmail.com
Mon May 1 12:54:58 UTC 2006

William makes a good point about locking and unlocking the drive, it could
turn out to be a hassle? I've had some serious problems trying to lock and
unlock drives, ultimately I was able to get it to work but it was a problem.

If I recall, the last time I needed to reformat the disk I used one of the
Xbox utility disks that are talked about on some of the xbox forums for
doing the maintenance.

"I think the G4U software is my best option.  I will let you know how I go."

G4U will image the drive though...

"Is that true even if you just copy the Xebian partition and leave the
xbeboot code on the C: drive alone?"

Yes, you can start fresh by copying the contents of the xebian partition, I
use this method when I want to backup certain points for future use. The
last time I did a fresh install I backed up at certain points a long the way
in case there were some problems and I wanted to start from a known starting

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