[mythtv-users] zap2it and qam

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon May 1 02:32:36 UTC 2006

Harley Peters wrote:
> Ernie Lim wrote:
>> Using PeterW’s fine qamscan script I was able to get a decent 
>> channels.conf file loaded into myth. My mplex tables and channel tables 
>> both appear to be populated correctly with the new channels. The problem 
>> I’m having is that mythfilldatabase wont populate the the guide data for 
>> the new channels no matter how I try. I have made sure that the channel 
>> names match what zap2it refers to them as but other than that, I don’t 
>> know what else could be wrong. All of my other dvb-s and cable sources 
>> are pulled and populated fine, just not the new qam source. Anyone have 
>> any ideas where I could look for issues?
>> BTW, Im on rogers cable in southern Ontario -- Does anyone have an 
>> accurate channels.conf file that I can compare with?
> Someone might have a better idea but if all else fails you can do what i 
> did.
> With your web browser go to the labs.zap2it.com site and then go to the 
> page that list your qam channels. Then view the source of that page. You
> should see some where in the source lines that look like the one below.
> <LABEL FOR="000001563200000000400"><TD>4</TD>
> The corponding station letters should be in a line below that.
> Use the label number minus the leading zeros and only the next 5 digits.
> You can then enter these in manually in mythtv-setup.
> Harley

At the moment something is seriously wrong with the DataDirect feed, at 
least for Rogers Digital channels. No matter what I do, I either get 506 
channels or 1 channel in my digital lineup when mythfilldatabase runs. I 
can modify the lineup but it does not 'stick'. The plain analog-only 
channels is unaffected. The digital one is messed badly.

I have now realized that if I delete channels in mythtv-setup's channel 
editor then mythfilldatabase does not download that information. But at 
the moment that is still 305 channels and.... it takes a while...

Anyone have any ideas what is happening?


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