[mythtv-users] MythBurn / ProjectX error

Dean Wilson dean.k.wilson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 20:50:00 UTC 2006

I'm trying to get MythBurn running correctly, but am having trouble. 
Any help or tips would be great!  (I suspect that the error lies with
my ProjectX installation, but I don't know for sure)

I've installed ProjectX.jar in /media/MythBurn and copied the included
commons-net-1.3.0.jar to /media/MythBurn/lib

I've also created /usr/local/bin/projectx to run the following:

     cd /media/MythBurn
     java -jar /media/MythBurn/ProjectX.jar $@

and I've defined the following environment variables:

When I run projectx from the command line, it finds commons-net
successfully.  However, when I try to burn a DVD from mythweb, I get
the following error from mythburn.log:

MythBurn Script is running as user apache
Video format = ntsc
Background image =
Background music =
Make ISO image = yes
Burn to DVD-R = yes
Delete VIDEO_TS = no
Highlight image = bar.png
Animated thumbnails = no
Chapter Submenus = yes
Recode to AC3 = yes
MythTV files are in /media/TV
Creating DVD at 30-03-2006 14:29....
Total file size of video files is 4452 Mbytes
QSettings: error creating /root/.qt
******  WARNING - DVD may not fit onto a recordable DVD  ******
******  Requantizing with factor 1.035349 to fit onto DVD ******
mkdir: cannot create directory `/media/MythBurn/temp/DVD': File exists
Multiplexing MPEG2 video files to DVD format and applying cutlists
----- datestamp=30-03-2006 14:29
----- datestamp=30-03-2006 14:29
commerical cut disabled, remultiplexing for DVD format only
Re-multiplexing file /media/TV/2056_20050727210000_20050727220000.nuv
Reading GUI-Switch...
Reading Help Switch...
Reading Config File Switch...
Start without GUI...
Loading last Config or Standard File...
Loading Language -> 'en'

ProjectX TEST PROJECT ONLY , User: apache


quick CL usage:
Note: CL doesn't load the GUI components, except with switch [-gui]
<without options>  ...starts the GUI
switches and inputfiles can be in any order

[-ini <path + inifile>] ..use that specified iniFile instead of the standard
[-dvx1] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile on demux
[-dvx2] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile + .ac3.wav (RIFF WAVE Header)
[-dvx3] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile + .mpa.wav (RIFF WAVE Header)
[-dvx4] ..create a .d2v ProjectFile + .ac3.wav + mpa.wav (RIFF WAVE Header)
[-out <path>] ..use that specified directory for output
[-name <filename>] ..use that specified filename for output
[-cut <file>] ..use that text based file as cutpoint list
[-chp <file>] ..use that text based file as chapterpoint list
[-id <tokens>] ..use only these (P)IDs, separated by comma ","
[-gui] ..display the GUI using all given CLI options
[-log] ..write the normal logfile
[-saveini] ..save changes made bei CLI in active .ini
[-split <xxx>] ..split output at xxx MB
[-demux, -tom2p, -topva, -tovdr, -tots, -filter] ..action types

Loading Basic Classes...
Reading CLI Switches...
Checking Commons-Net library access...
Stopped! An Error has occured...
commons-net library not accessible! see readme.txt [ii]
ensure the correct location/classpath, related to the executed .jar

        at net.sourceforge.dvb.projectx.common.Start.main(Unknown Source)
MythTV BurnDVD stopped due to error

My questions are as follows:

1)  I don't know much about java; why can't it find the commons-net
library?  Have I installed something incorrectly?

2)  Is it normal to get CL usage options, or is something else
configured incorrectly?

3)  Why do I get the following line?  (Commercials are flagged for these shows)
     "commerical cut disabled, remultiplexing for DVD format only"

I appreciate any help or input you guys can provide!

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