[mythtv-users] Time Warner Cable

Yeraze.27524549 at bloglines.com Yeraze.27524549 at bloglines.com
Thu Mar 30 15:48:05 UTC 2006

I'm currently working on specs for a future MythTV build, and I'm relatively
new to the whole thing. I have time warner's digital cable, and wanted to
know if anyone here has any experience with it?

1) Is there a PCI card
(Like the PVR250) that I can use to bypass my set-top box?  I don't particularly
care about VOD or any of that junk, just want to keep the higher digital channels.

2) Is there any way to connect to the set-top box "reliably"?  I have a
"PACE 510 TWC", which seems to be this model: http://www.pacemicro.com/corporate/products/prodinfo.asp?PID=DC510
, and it has a Serial Port & A USB port on the back.  I can't find any information
on the net about them, other than the Serial port is for diagnostics.

How reliable is the IR-Relay stuff?  I had thought about using an IRBlaster
(http://www.irblaster.info/) to do it, but it seems this unit uses a non-standard
protocol and may require something different (based on this Tivo forum post:

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