[mythtv-users] Good card for HD playback

Warren warren-lists at icruise.com
Wed Mar 29 17:42:17 UTC 2006

Todd Ignasiak wrote:
> I am not currently a unichrome/openchrome user..   But, as I
> understand it, the capabilities are determined by the chipset in use. 
>  The older chipsets were resolution limited (I thought it was
> 1024x1024).  The newer "Unichrome Pro" chips are HD capable.   I have
> read several reports of people using the CN400 for HD decoding.
The CN400 is what sends the video to the VGA port and to the TV
encoder.  The VT162x chips are the actual TV encoders that send video to
any other ports.  The VT1623 which is what is on the SP13000
motherboard, does not output HDTV, you need a VT1625 for that.  If you
want a VIA mainboard with a VT1625 on it you should gt an EN series, not
an SP series.


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