[mythtv-users] garbage at the top of the picture

Andrew Heath lists at heathsworld.com
Tue Mar 28 18:44:08 UTC 2006

John Brooks wrote:

>     out and they sent me a brand new D11-500 for a replacement.  This
>     D11-500 receiver is giving me a 1/4 inch garbage bar
>     at the top ONLY when using the svideo output.  Composite and coax
>     are fine, but quality is degraded.
>     Is there a way to crop the top slightly on 1 tuner?
> Hi! Are you sure this isn't just the normal VBI data that comes in 
> over a normal broadcast? Usually overscanning is the solution to this. 
> You may want to check this out:
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/178323
> Admittedly, it's odd that it only occurs with the S-Video output.
> HTH!
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Yeah, over/underscan can be adjusted in the xorg.conf, but that would 
take 1/4" from the other capture card/receiver which is ok..   If I swap 
S-video cables on my sat boxes, the garbage line goes to the other card, 
so this tells me the s-video signal is not quite right from this 
replacement receiver.  I didn't know if there was an easy was to 
slightly crop one capture card or not.

I could move to the composite which looks ok, but hate to drop svideo.  
I would assume that composite would be better than coax though. 

This is my second unit in 2 weeks.  The original unit would not receive 
signal on some channels (defective unit). Now this one has a SVideo 
under/overscan.  This goes to show you how cheap the direc tv hardware 
is these days!
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