[mythtv-users] Channel Priority Per Tuner

Brian Fischer brianafischer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 17:20:41 UTC 2006

My PVR-150 has a lot lower quality on Channels 2-7 than my PVR-250.  Is
there a way to have myth intelligently record on the pvr-250 if the channel
is 2-7 unless only the pvr-150 is available?  This same issue was posted on
the mysettopbox forums:

This Portion Ripped from Mysettopbox forums:

Is there a way to specify Channel Recording Priorities on a per tuner basis?
I have a pvr-150 and a pvr-250 being fed through a cable splitter. The 150
has vertical bars and distortion on a few channels (I think the splitter is
causeing it) and I would like to be able to downgrade the priority of those
channels but only on the pvr-150. I think it might be possible if I setup
another duplicate video source in mythtv-setup but I'm not sure if that
would cause other issues and also I believe then I would be pulling down the
data from zap2it twice, which is less than ideal.

So what is the best way to reduce the priority of a channel on only 1 tuner?


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